• Scott Bryant

This Airline Commercial from 1967? Yikes!

I have a question: aren't airline commercials supposed to tease people into taking a much-needed getaway away from the grind of daily life? If so, I guess Eastern Air Lines didn't get that memo. This airline took it to another level - in a disgusting, misogynistic way towards women. Just watch the commercial to see what I mean.

Eastern Airlines must have hated women, or their marketing department thought it was a fantastic idea to demean women to show, "Hey! Don't be like these women when you fly with us." Who even approved this awful ad? If I had been alive during the later 1960s, I would have avoided this airline like the plague. But since the airline shut down in 1991, I guess I won't have to worry about that.

Photo by Alev Takil

"It's a product of its time!" "Get over it, snowflake!" are the most likely responses one would hear from people defending these ads. Just because it's 2019 doesn't mean calling women "losers" to score a marking win is acceptable. It's never acceptable! Now, think about this: if men were being made fun of in the ad, watch out! We'd be seeing over-the-top, wall-to-wall media coverage about how "men are under attack" and the tiring anti-women / anti-feminist garbage being flung around from the fringe mob. Oh, wait, that seems to be happening today from the fringe folks.

To get right to the point, the only losers I see in this are Eastern Air Lines and the people who defend these types of ads. Though Eastern Air Lines no longer exists, that ad sadly will live on in the vast depths of YouTube, waiting to be rediscovered by more people. Let's hope airline commercials will be more respectful of women in the future.

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