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You Need To Watch Brittany Gibbons' "Courageous Beauty" TEDx Talk

Updated: 3 days ago

TEDx talks are trendy these days; thought-provoking lectures that stimulate forward-thinking, new ideas, and in most cases, confront the issues of the world head-on. Everyone has their favorites but mine is by far author/humorist/badass advocate for women, Brittany Gibbons called "Courageous Beauty."

In the real world, women and girls can't go anywhere or live life without being bombarded by toxic messages and advertising promoting "the ideal beauty." Gibbons tackles this topic engagingly and compellingly, recalling stories of her personal life and the lives of other women she has inspired. One needs to watch this talk to truly understand and embrace Gibbon's love for empowering women and elevating more real body love to the world.