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Progressive Insurance Beautifully Skewers Misogynist 1950s PSAs

Updated: 3 days ago

Photo by Jonathan Cosens - JCP from Unsplash

Those creepy 1950s PSA films from way back during our parents’ youth are what they are: black-and-white time capsules into a decade that was both frightening and a disturbing portrayal of the society’s (still rampant today) misogynistic attitude towards women.

Yet, fast forward to 2015, Progressive Insurance managed to pull off a fantastic jab at these backward PSAs in their newest ad – all with the help of the hilarious spokesperson Flo. Some might find Progressive’s ad “cute” but it’s an ad that raises the ongoing issue of gender inequality (one I hope will be a thing of the past very soon). My only suggestion on Progressive’s fantastic ad: I wish Flo would have pushed the announcer off to the side after his “women don’t have jobs” comment and take the mic from him. Now THAT would have been a satisfying end to an already awesome commercial.