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Sorry, But Making Fun of Women Taking Selfies Is Not Funny

Updated: 3 days ago

Somehow I'm starting to get the feeling people (and certain brands) love to shame and make fun of women who innocently take selfies to capture their moments of joy. And to be honest, this ridicule is awful and immature.

Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels.com

Take Booking.com, for example. I understand what Booking.com was trying to convey, but every shot is these two adventurous women taking selfies? That becomes a toxic message to the audience that young people - especially young women - only travel to get Instagram shots and likes. Come on, Booking.com. Do better next time.

Baseball is boring beyond comparison. But apparently in 2015, a couple of Major League Baseball commentators (grown adults, mind you) decided to channel their inner immaturity during an Arizona Diamondbacks game to poke fun at a group of ladies taking selfies in their seats. You have to ask yourself, "what is wrong with these men?"

My advice to all brands and people out there: quit making 'women taking selfies' into a juvenile punchline. It's not funny no matter how (badly) you try to make it witty in the humor department. Leave the ladies alone and let them enjoy their fun and grow up.