• Scott Bryant

Stop The Count? But He Likes To Count!

Updated: Nov 14

It isn't as if 2020 hasn't already been crazy enough. COVID-19 has been a dominant issue all year, but now we have a U.S. Presidental Election thrown into near chaos because of the counting of ballots. And yet no winner has been declared. It's nothing but absolute madness, I tell you.

I find it highly discouraging that a large segment of the American population (including those in Pennsylvania) are calling for the remaining states to "Stop the Count!" - with the encouragement of a controversial occupant of the White House. Really. Since when did 50% of the U.S. population start having a disdain for The Count from Sesame Street? He's been counting for the past 48 years! What gives with all the sudden anger?

You can't blame The Count; counting is his life's work. If America were to stop The Count, what would Sesame Street do? Some people need to stop and think things out a bit before attacking a beloved character from a very-beloved children's television show. Come to think of it, if the protestors are shouting, "Stop the Count" in Pennsylvania, does one suppose they've mistaken The Count's hometown Transylvania for Pennsylvania? It certainly raises some weird yet hilarious questions.

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