• Scott Bryant

She's A Triathlete Superhero

Updated: Nov 15

“You put me in a race where there’s a lot on the line, especially when people tell me ‘you can’t win’, or ‘you’re too small’, you tell me those things and I’ll find a way to prove you wrong.” ~ Mirinda Carfrae

She may not always wear a superhero cape, but the triathlete is a superhero in her way.

She rides her bike, swims, and runs like a gladiator, laser-focused on the quest at hand while staring down the challenges ahead. She gave all that she has trained and worked hard to show the world who she is. Unlike other sports, there are no rival teams; her only rival is herself and the Race Time; a benchmark that many triathletes see as a measuring stick of their hard work. She may take a few falls, but she gets herself back up and forges ahead. But she is also human, just like you and me - with fears, flaws, and feelings. On bad days she is discouraged but remains confident, and on good days she feels victorious but remains grounded. This triathlete is what a real-life superhero looks like to all of us. Just ask the superheroes of Betty Designs.

But she doesn't go at it alone - both in sport and life. Along with the love and support of her friends, family, and fans/allies, she also finds solidarity and camaraderie with a sisterhood of fellow triathletes from all walks of life and backgrounds. Some are judges, Fortune 500 CEOs, realtors, lawmakers, media rockstars, entrepreneurs, scientists, inventors, mothers, the triathlete community is active, loving - and above all, supportive. It's the type of love and support we all wish the world would model after with each other, regardless of personal differences and lifestyles.

In an often male-dominated sports culture full of massive egos, championships, ESPN, name recognition, and consumer-product endorsements, the only validation the triathlete needs are the love, support, and of her family, friends, and fans/allies. She is badass the way she is.

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